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Born Without Arms

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Welcome to MyBookLive.com

MyBookLive.com began as a website for creative writers, in all genres, to share their work freely with readers throughout the world. At the request of many of our contributors, we created a sister website the Virtual Bookshop where writers could sell their work. Potential buyers browsing on the MyBookLive can read extracts, reviews, and comments before deciding to purchase the full download.

Writers Free Share and Salon

As of September 2014, we restructured both websites under one umbrella MyBookLive.com. The home page opens to book sales and the "old" MyBookLive archives and writers remain in whole under the tab "Writers Free Share/Salon."

We welcome new writers who wish to freely share their work (and work in progress) in all genres, and comment on the work of others. Express yourself freely and connect with other writers and readers in our salon.

What makes our book sales site different that the others?

Like our parent website My Book LIve, we offer unique statistical feedback to help writers determine where improvements may be needed to entice readers to purchase their work.

Writers can view their stats and number of hits in four categories including:
  • front cover with title and subtitle
  • back cover/blurb
  • free extracts, reviews, or trailers
  • full download
These stats are automatically emailed to each author weekly and provide important information. For example, a low number of hits on the free extract, etc. may indicate the title or book covers need to be changed. If the number of actual downloads is low, a writer may want to re-examine their choice of extract, etc. We know feedback is vital to success!

Information for writers to want to sell books on MyBookLive

All submissions are initially reviewed by our team. We will then offer constructive suggestions and assistance. For those writers who require editing, book design or illustration, we are happy to offer a choice of independent professionals for those services.

MyBookLive authors receive 70% of received income and can claim their earnings at any time the account reaches $100 or more. The remainder goes to My Book Live Ltd.

We need the full book in both ePub andMobi formats. This will enable the maximum number of electronic devices to download your work. If you are unable to supply these, we have an arrangement with a specialist who can convert your text for a modest, discounted fee.

We also require your front and back covers in the size of 960 X 640 pixels. Again, we have an in-house facility to help you with this task, and cover design, should you need it. The bookshop is designed to assist writers to obtain maximum sales results by having anautomatic weekly statistics report sent to you. This will show how many hits were received on your front cover, back cover, and then your choice of first free chapter, an extract, or a movie-style trailer. You also will have direct password protected access to make various changes you may wish to try, including the sale price. You therefore have the ability to experiment in order to maximise sales.

You can respond to your stats and go directly into the site with your own password, make changes, and then compare the new stats. Just go in and re-jig the step that most readers stop. We believe this to be unique. Indeed, it was a response to a successful professional writer's complaint he did not know where would-be buyers put his books back on the shelf. This inspired this variable concept.

If you have questions, or would like to sell your book on our shelves, please contact us or send us your book for approval to vbsubmissions@yahoo.co.uk.

Here are some links you may find useful . . .

ePub reader for Windows systems (XP, Vista, Windows 7): http://epubreader.info/

For MAC: http://download.cnet.com/Stanza/3000-2056_4-198177.html

Ebook reading app for Android smartphones and tablets: http://www.aldiko.com/